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Coral Nursing, Community Initiatives, and Other Programs

The Legacy Reef Foundation provides opportunities for people from all walks of life to actively participate in concrete ocean restoration efforts, even from afar. Whether you are a citizen or a company that engages in activities such as mining and boat grounding, we need your help to mitigate humanity’s impact on ocean health.

The Significance of What We Do

Reefs play a very important role in the local economy, especially for communities that depend on them for their supply of food. This is why we need to integrate our resources, encourage wide participation, and take a multidisciplinary approach in restoring our oceans.

Our Initiatives

Our foundation is dedicated to restoring our reefs. The initiatives we developed exist because of the support of researchers, donors, and other individuals who understand the value of conserving our ocean. Our programs match donors with the researchers and projects that reflect, act upon, and support the values of ocean conservation and reef restoration.

Researching Coral Sexual Reproduction

Our scientists explore how to successfully raise corals from the larvae stage. They do this so we can better understand the conditions required to speed up the recovery of our reefs.

Developing Technologies

We develop rigorous scientific protocols for coral husbandry off the grid and on a shoestring, resulting in coral restoration labs that can be deployed in other countries. These solutions are easily assembled on arrival so communities can begin restoration efforts in a short period of time.

Maintaining a Coral Bank/Repository

We have a repository in the Island of Hawai’i where we safeguard samples of local corals. This is part of our efforts to preserve these species and prevent their extinction.

Sponsoring Young Scientists

We offer the use of our facilities to high school, university, postgraduate, and citizen researchers so they can conduct their own experiments. This program is made possible by our donors who provide financial support.

Engaging and Educating Communities

As part of our dedication to community engagement and education, we hold a monthly Pau Hana lecture series. The topics covered include:

  • Hawai’i fish identification
  • Sustainable ways to enjoy our lifestyles with minimal impact to ocean health
  • Updates on the work we’ve done
  • Future projects