Adopt a coral and watch it grow!    

Be a part of something special and adopt your very own coral!  This coral fragment started as a tiny coral colony the size of your fingernail and now almost a year later look at how much it has grown!  These baby corals need lots of care and attention to keep them growing fast and strong and that where you come in! By adopting a baby coral, your tax-deductible donation will help bring this baby coral to maturity and that helps us in our efforts to restore coral reefs in Hawaiʻi and around the world!  

While they are growing, these baby corals are used in educational programs for school kids and college students.   Be a part of our “Coral Family” and adopt one or several coral keiki’s today!  Save a reef and feed a community for generations!

The $20 a month Coral Adoption Program includes:

  • Initial photo of the individual coral, with ID tag
  • Name your coral fragment 
  • Coral species fact sheet 
  • Quarterly progress report with pictures
  • Adoption certificate
  • Your name recognized in our Coral Keepers list
  • Special invitation to our Coral Keepers Club Pau Hana to meet your coral caretakers.

Sponsor a Tank - Give a Home to Our Growing Corals!

Your generous donation of $3,000 will allow us to install a 90 gallon tank, two EcoTech Marine coral lights, and two Ecotech Marine wavemakers. Click here to sponsor this tank.

With $5,000 we can install one 90 gallon tank, with an Apex control system, two Ecotech Marine coral lights, and two Ecotech Marine wavemakers. This increased capacity will allow for research and comparisons on different approaches to successfully grow coral from larvae. Click here to sponsor this tank.

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