What we do...


Directly or indirectly, we depend on the reefs for our survival.  The reefs feed us.  They are a  priceless economic asset through tourism.  They protect our shores.   And we are losing them. 

Coastal nations that depend chiefly on fishing for their daily meals are already feeling the effects of this loss.  With near shore reefs gone, their fisherfolk venture further into sea daily, increasing expenses,  and every year more people are lost at sea.  In many island nations the loss of the reefs are threatening their survival now, today.  

Restoring our reefs will be a multiple team effort, requiring a multi prong approach, global and locally, over time.

Synthesize and Design

We will identify the best science and practices continuously produced in the field, and apply that knowledge into designing solutions aimed at accelerating the recovery of our reefs.  We are committed to active, responsible restoration using environmentally friendly technologies that will buy time, slow decline and speed up repopulation of the reef and its ecosystem.  

The solutions designed will be environmentally friendly, and accessible to  all nations and communities.  


Design, develop and install off-the-grid, (modular and mobile/portable) coral propagation labs that will enable resource limited communities to rebuild resilient reef ecosystems, reestablishing food security for their people. 

In addition, we seek to actively rebuild reefs around the world, build partnerships and support related local government efforts.