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One coral reef... Feeds generations

You can provide food security and  restore the economy of an entire community.  The Legacy Reef Foundation makes coral restoration accessible for shore communities that lost the reefs that were their main food source.  By joining us, you go beyond teaching a person to fish... YOU  will enable an entire community to feed themselves for generations to come.

What We Do


Legacy Reef Foundation partners with local communities to plan, develop and support coral reef protection and restoration projects throughout the world.


 From school children to adult groups, visitors to our facilities learn how we depend on the ocean.   Corals are the foundation of the food chain, protect our shores, and provide beauty that inspires us.


  Our organization develops the technology necessary to install and run user-friendly coral restoration labs.  Using a shipping container as a starting point, these off-grid, solar-powered, and portable labs are accessible to communities with few resources.
We ship these labs in 20-ft containers to shore communities that depend on reef fishing for their daily sustenance. After installing the labs, we train their local talent and provide them with remote technical support, including periodic checks on their progress .
With these local labs, the local community, lead by local scientists, can rebuild the nearshore reefs that were lost to unenlightened mining practices. The labs will allow the corals to grow at an accelerated rate, buying the time needed to reestablish the marine ecosystem.  In a couple of years, this functioning reef will provide the food security that these families are lacking today.

How You Can Help

Share Your Passion

Invite your friends to be part of our team.

Adopt a Tank

Adopt or Gift a Tank! Receive periodic updates and photos. Your tank will be labeled with your name.

Adopt a Student

You may also support the next generation of scientists who care about the environment by sponsoring students who wish to do independent research.

Dive In

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Where You Can Find Us

We are located at the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology (HOST) Park in Kailua-Kona, HI.   This facility is administered by the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA)